Welcome to my World!

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you so much for coming to me! I guess the reason you’re here, is because you’re having a problem with your canine friend! Well, no matter what the breed, male or female, old or young – or even if you have more than one dog – I can help you.

Whether your dog has problems with aggression, anxiety, wetting or soiling indoors, integration with your family and friends, pulling on the leash, or you just have a general enquiry about something that puzzles or concerns you – this is the place to lay your worries aside, and put your fears to rest!

What is a problem dog?

A problem dog is basically any dog that gives its owner any cause for concern.

Approximately 45% of the canine population in the UK can be defined as ‘having problematic behaviour’. That’s nearly half the dog population. That’s far too high.

However, the difficult thing is to define exactly what ‘a problem dog’ is, because what one owner may see as tolerable and understandable, another may be really stressed and worried about. There are different degrees of problems, too of course.

I personally know there’s a problem with a dog – even when the owner insists that the dog is fine – when the owner says to me, “Oh my dog is lovely, s/he’s wonderful, s/he’s so good… but the only thing is….”

…The only thing is.

That ‘only thing’ is invariably NOT the only thing – because there are other minor associated traits, and also, because unchecked, it will give rise to further complications, which will only get worse, if left unremedied.  Matters will escalate, because the owner won’t know how to react. And neither will the dog.

So what are the remedies open to you, as an owner?

you can:

Put up with it – which really won’t lead to a stress-free, happy dog – or  owner, for that matter…

Re-home the dog – which simply moves the problem sideways…

Put the dog down – which is unfair, and really not necessary in 99.999% of the cases (it’s a permanent solution to a problem that’s temporary!)

Call in a behaviourist. Which is where I come in. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it..?