Canine Behaviour Therapy….. What is it?

Canine Behaviour Therapy (CaBT) is “the application of psychological principles, to modify a dog’s behaviour for the benefit of both dog and owner.”

CaBT is a method of establishing what the problematic behaviour is, assessing how it came about – if possible – and working to decrease, modify or at best, eradicate undesirable, abnormal or unacceptable behaviour.

Basically, it’s understanding how a dog thinks, and applying and implementing a behaviour that the dog can not only relate to, but respond to gladly, positively and of its own free will.

This is a different approach to training.

Training is ‘the instigation and implementation of correct, normal and desired responses’.

As I always say, Training is the icing on the cake. Behaviour – IS the cake.

Old or young - it works....

Old or young – it works….

Look at it this way:

If you make a Christmas or wedding cake, and it sinks in the middle, or the fruit all goes to the bottom, or the cake is too dry, you can always hide the evidence by concealing it with decorative icing.

But the problem’s still there underneath – remove the ‘icing’ (or take the training out of the equation) and the ‘cake’ (or the behaviour) underneath,  is still a problem.

Behavioural therapy is very successful on dogs, because their thought processes are less complex than those of a human being. For example, dogs don’t worry about incidents in the past (this is not to say they don’t remember them), and they certainly have no concept of a future. Therefore, in brief, they don’t carry associated ‘baggage’. They tend to live in the ‘here and now’, which actually makes it easier to deal with behavioural problems like fear of noises, or open spaces.

There is now concrete evidence to suggest that dogs can home in on how their human companions feel. (link)

It must be noted, however, that no matter how well they tune into this wavelength, much as they might understand this perceptible shift in your emotional energy, they cannot ever hope to understand what drives it. In other words, they might understand you’re ‘sad’ – but they can never understand WHY. They might pick up on your happiness/excitement, and responds accordingly – but all they can do is participate, they don’t know why you feel that way – you just do.
This is an extremely important factor to remember, when dealing with why dogs behave in certain ways around you, at certain times.

Over time, I’ve met some wonderful dedicated and loving people with dogs, who clearly show me that all they ever want is to be able to live calmly and happily with a happy companion.

So if you’re confused and concerned about what’s happening with your pet, you feel that you have reached the end of your tether and you’re worried that you and your dog have reached the end of the line – worry no more.

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