Consultation Fees

DobermannMy normal set fee is £60.00/hour.

A full Consultation consists of two appointments or visits, lasting approximately an hour-and-a-half each.

Therefore a standard 3-hour session would total £180.00

However, differing circumstances, such as distance or number of dogs, may affect this baseline fee.
I calculate the fee according to several factors, for example, visits to locations further than 20 miles from my home base, are subject to a negotiable agreement for any travel costs (and accommodation costs, where applicable) incurred.
So I ensure my fees are reasonable and tailored to your needs.

My service to you includes providing you with comprehensive paperwork giving a summary of the programme and methods outlined in extensive detail, during the consultation.
It also includes any follow-up telephone calls or written communication, during the full Consultation period, which, all told, generally lasts a month.

Any subsequent visits required over and above those covered by the full Consultation are each subject to a pro-rata fee, based on your original consultation fee.

However, I know that a job is never really over, until the client is happy to consider it over.

Let me say that I appreciate that such a consultation represents an investment on your part; however, they are not unreasonable, when you take time to consider and calculate the additional expenses you may encounter during your dog’s lifetime: Veterinary fees, insurance and occasionally, travel costs and perhaps, even the associated expenses in relation to taking your pet abroad, or the considerable cost of boarding kennels, if you don’t.
There is also the original price you may have paid for your pet, and the continued amount you will have to invest in feeding your dog, and additional purchases associated with its comfort and continued care.

When you consider that the information you glean from a full consultation from me, will not only last you the dog’s lifetime – but will also be applicable to any other dogs you will own – you will see more clearly that the value for money is immeasurable.

Full cost of the programme, omitting an actual consultation visit to your home**, is £8.55p including postage.

Many of my consultations are conducted purely via email.
Fees for such consultations are as follows:
£120.00, 50% in advance, and the remainder payable within 28 calendar days.
The fee normally payable for the Dog Behaviour programme, is included.

**purchase of this item is not possible without prior contact to discuss the issue concerning your pet or pets.