Interested in a visit….?

01-11-07_1231I recommend approaching this by considering two primary visits:

The first visit will entail my coming to your home, and seeing you together with your dog.

It’s important that everyone who lives in the household – or who is closely connected with you, and more importantly, your dog – is present at the time of my visit.
This will give me the opportunity of obtaining a completely comprehensive picture of what is happening and why, and how we can all work together to bring harmony, happiness, peace and quiet to your household with the minimum of fuss or disruption!

A second visit would entail finding the time to take your dog out for a walk, and determining any changes that could be implemented on walks.

I strongly recommend an eventual third visit in order to iron out any problems that might arise, or to re-cap over any points you feel you’d like to go over.

Of course, if you live a fair distance away from where I am based, maybe a different programme would have to be discussed. But I just want to make sure that whatever happens, and whatever it takes, your dog is happy, contented and satisfied. Just like you.

And remember – I’m always at the end of the ‘phone – or you can drop me a line via e-mail. I’m a very ‘hands-on’ behaviourist, and will keep in touch frequently, to help with every adjustment necessary.
I’m always here to help.

My priority is to help you have a happy dog – and therefore to make you happy.