These are all genuine testimonials kindly written by some of my satisfied clients:

I first met Alex in 2004 when we were neighbours in France.   

At that time I was having severe problems with my six-month old Doberman/German Shepherd cross, Titch.  He was a typical young male domineering dog who lived with two other males and displayed aggressive behaviour and was proving a “bit of a handful” both to me and my partner. We’ve both owned dogs all our lives. 

Alex helped us to implement a new way of interacting with our dogs, and relating to them in a completely different manner. The dogs got this much faster than we did – in fact, they took to it like ducks to water! The two most obstinate and difficult pupils were me and my partner! (Dare I say, particularly my partner?!)  Subsequently Alex has proved invaluable support with less severe problems when she has given me advice by telephone and email over uncontrolled behaviour, as when the dogs know they are going out for a walk, for example, or unacceptable “welcomes” when people call at the house.  

 If she were still in the locality I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone with problem dogs.  Indeed if she were to start training classes in my area, I would be the first to sign up.”   Ms. Ailsa Lawton CHAMPLITTE France.

Contact via e-mail only: “We were having behavioral issues with my large golden-retriever mix such as jumping on us, chasing cars, and getting into fights with the German shepherd across the road.  Within a day or two of implementing the techniques taught to me by Ms. Parker, my dog’s behavior changed completely!  I had no idea that the whole problem was that the dog saw herself as the alpha female of our “pack” as was only doing her duty as such.  Once I let her know that I was the leader and not her, she readily gave up that job to me and is a much happier, more relaxed dog.  A few simple techniques to change that one idea and all the other problems just vanished!” Michele, Ohio, USA

“We were experiencing severe problems with our Dobermann  who had taken an instant dislike to our new lodger. He became aggressive and unpredictable, and our vet told us it was either castration, or euthanasia. Well, I am wheelchair-bound, and Josh (our dog) was my companion during the day, and such a comfort to me, I simply could not entertain the idea of either. regal dobieAlex doesn’t approve of castrating dogs simply to alter their behaviour, and neither do I – So I am very relieved she dismissed this idea completely. And with the wonderful counsel and constant help she gave us, Josh is now a completely reformed dog! I cannot thank her enough! She never tired of my ‘phone calls, and her care and attentiveness put all my fears to rest. I must admit – we didn’t always follow her advice to the letter – and when we didn’t – it showed! Josh would revert to ‘bad’ behaviour – but it wasn’t his fault, it was ours! We were giving him confusing signals, so of course, his responses were erratic, because we weren’t being consistent! Luckily, Alex never lost patience with us, but steered us in the right direction – and always with humour!

I hate to think where we’d be today, if it hadn’t been for her invaluable help! Thanks Alex!” Gloria, Middlesex.


Thank you Alex. Archie is a fabulous little dog and this is is in no small measure because of all the brilliant help and advice you’ve given us. You have been extremely generous with your time and patient with our sometimes rather slow learning. minschnauzIt’s wonderful to watch you at work (the ‘Dog Whisperer’) and a great fun too. Thank you again!” Viv & Stuart, Hertfordshire. 


Contact via e-mail only: “Dear Alex, I will forever be indebted to you for your insight.  Simply by following your advice, and practising my own behaviour changes, I am now living with two happy and far, far better-behaved dogs!west_highland_white_terrier

My Westies are 10 years old, and I never thought it was possible to make significant changes for any of us. To my surprise, I saw an immediate response, and the more I practised and followed your advice, the better things have become.  You have my gratitude, many thanks.”

Dee, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

After 5 years of deliberating whether we should get a puppy or not, we finally decided the time was right and and found a beautiful cocker spaniel who we called Chester.

How cute is he...?!

How cute is he…?!

A happy, playful and easygoing chap, except at night and whenever he was left alone. He would mess his crate and pant and whine. A nightmare! We tried everything.  Finally, at the end of our tether, we contacted Alex.

Alex arrived and spent an evening talking to the whole family about Chester and dog behaviour in general. Her advice seemed so simple. A few adjustments to our behaviour, consistency from all of the family, and within 4 days he was a different puppy. We were able to leave him in the house, not crated, and return to a happy dog! We wouldn’t have thought it was possible in such a short time. Alex was amazing. She stayed in contact by text and phone as often as we needed – a real support for those moments of doubt.  Alex calmly put us back on track and never made us feel that we failed or didn’t listen the original advice given.  Julie and Tim Robinson, St Albans

Contact via email only: When I got my sweet Rocky a year and a half ago, I knew nothing about dogs. I thought I was doing things right but little did I know that over the last year and a half Rocky became the boss of me and of my family! He started becoming unruly, barking every morning so he could get his walk, barking when he wanted anything basically! I thought I would never be able to sleep past 6 am again! As soon as I started implementing ‘The Dog Woman’/Alex Abraham’s plan, Rocky started changing. He seemed more mellow, and less anxious, more receptive to what we would say and do and what we wanted him to do. He no longer barks in the mornings when he wants his walks. I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity to understand Rocky better and to make both his life and my family’s better!  From YLA in Puerto Rico, July 2012