What good will it do?

I believe it’s very important here, to remember one thing:

If you’re considering getting a behaviourist to help, you already recognise that your dog’s behaviour needs looking at, because whatever is happening, is making you stressed, worried, fretful, dissatisfied, unsettled and unhappy.

And guess what?

Your dog feels exactly the same way.unhappy dog #1
The difference is, that it’s very easy for you to express what you feel, and why you feel that way. For the dog, it’s an insurmountable problem, because nobody understands what the dog is trying to communicate. All we know is – things aren’t right.

Living within a human network is very stressful for a dog, because we’re always giving it mixed signals. Consequently, it has no choice but to give mixed responses.

Many clients tell me their dog is showing aggressive tendencies, or that its behaviour is unpredictable.
bared teeth dog

This is hardly surprising, when the poor family dog is often influenced by several people all doing slightly different things, behaving in different ways – and being just as unpredictable!

What the dog is trying to do is to fit in with what’s happening around it, and this is virtually impossible, when the humans it lives with don’t actually know what is happening, they don’t understand their dog, and they make wild guesses at what’s going on in their dog’s head.

In fact, all the dog would love, is a quiet life.  (Don’t we all?!)

Dogs don’t enjoy barking all the time, they don’t enjoy being stressed and above all, they don’t enjoy living with you – if they can’t effectively live in harmony with you, because of confusion, miscommunication and unpredictable events. Your dog  wants to live in a peaceful and untroubled environment, where everyone pretty much gets along. Instead, it meets with different approaches, and often gets unpredictable results. What seems to work one time, has a completely different outcome, another time.

And for the dog, this happens every single day.wary dog

Every single day, is another day of stress, discomfort uncertainty and unhappiness for your beloved pet. It has to face yet another day of trying to cope with living in a world it doesn’t understand.

But together, we can change this.

Together, we can transform your dog into a settled, calm, sociable and relaxed pet. We can make your pet happy.

The pet you’ve  always wanted.happy dog!